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2018 Annual Reunion Dinner and AGM
Employment Opportunity
Dave Linney
The Association Reunion Dinner and AGM 2018 - Warning Order
Alan Robinson
Aaron "Mork" Lovell


Group Captain John Craven-Griffiths OBE
Wreath Laying at B3 Airfield
2017 Annual Reunion Dinner and AGM
SAC Jordan Williams Airman of the Year - The President's Award
Gwyneth Pritchard
Old Boss - New Boss


The TSW Paviour in Heroes' Square
The Association Reunion Dinner and AGM 2017 - Warning Order
Percy Lackey (1918-2016)
2016 Reunion Weekend
Airman of the Year 2015 - The President's Award
Andy "Bart" Lawty
Peter Brown


Chairman's Christmas Message
TSW Blazer Badge Available
2015 Reunion Weekend
SAC Peter Blakemen wins the 2014 President's Award - The Citation
Flt Lt Steve Moull
The Association AGM and Reunion Dinner 2015 - Warning Order


In Remembrance - Armistice Day
D-Day veterans to be awarded the Legion d'Honneur
2014 Reunion Weekend
President's Award for 2013
Joe Ronan
Congratulations to our President
Mr S J "George" Revell
TSW Memorial Stone at the NMA


Winter 2013-2014 Newsletter
Alan Lyon
"Support to Strike"
The History of Tactical Supply Wing

TSW Bergathon 2013
RAF team keeps rotors turning over Afghanistan
Chris Markey and the West Highland Roller-Coaster
Never say Never Again, Bob!
Cromo's at it again!
2013 Reunion Weekend
Presentation of the President's Award 2012
New TSW Rugby Kit
The Association AGM and Reunion Dinner 2013 - Warning Order
Out with the Old - In with the Old!


John McMurdo
Association Newsletter
The Frankton Walk - Sponsorship Request
RAFSCdo 70th Anniversary Remembered
TSW Bergathon 2012
Presentation of the President's Award 2011
Battle of Britain and Freedom of Stafford Parade
TSW Bergathon 2012 - A Plea!
Message from the Chairman - Duncan Grant
Philippa and Jamie White's Mt Fuji Trek
RCAF Tests J-Herc’s Tactical Ground Refuelling Capability
2012 AGM and Reunion Dinner
Committee Changes
TSW Families Day 2012
St Clement Danes Plaque Dedication
The History of Tactical Supply Wing
Association AGM and Reunion Dinner 2012
Paul Hubbard
Wg Cdr Simon Baker
AVM Don Hills


Association Ties in Stock
The Association AGM and Reunion Dinner 2012 - Warning Order
TSW Bergathon 2011
Change of President
On-line Membership Application Facility Introduced
The St Clement Danes Plaque Project
Message from the Chairman
2011 Reunion Dinner and AGM
PayPal Facility Introduced
Presentation of the President's Award 2010
Cromo's Mid-Life Crisis!
Brothers Reunion in Helmand
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The Association Reunion Dinner and AGM 2011 - A Reminder!
TSW and MWSS-373 Celebrate Their Partnership in Afghanistan
New Boss Takes the Reins
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Bath Half Marathon Sponsorship in Support of Help for Heroes
The Association Reunion Dinner and AGM 2011 - Warning Order


TSW Bergathon 2010
Tactical Supply Wing Wins the Sir Joe French Award
Machynlleth Air Day
2010 AGM and Reunion Dinner
TSW 40th Anniversary Commemorative CD and DVD
RAFSC & TSW Association now on Facebook
TSW 40th Anniversary Celebrations
Presentation of the President's Award 2009
Arrangements for the 2010 AGM and Reunion Dinner
Missing Person!
Ex-TSW Airmen in Haiti Earthquake
History Archive Project


Presentation of White Goods
Membership Entitlement for Wildenrath and Gutersloh Tactical Fuels Personnel

Chairman Places Poppies at Servicing Commando Memorial
TSW Bergathon 2009
2009 AGM and Reunion Dinner
The Wing Returns from Iraq
Dedication of Plaque to the Fallen Servicing Commandos
Presentation of the President's Award 2008
2009 Reunion and AGM Calling Notice
Photographs Wanted!
Association Stalwart Retires from the Front Line!


Welfare Gifts for TSW Operational Detachments
Remembrance Commemorations in France

RAF Museum Display Opened
Bill Stell - RAFSCdo
Brian "BJ" Jeffery - TSW
Association Ties in Stock
Website Revamped
Spectacles, Testicles, Fags and Matches
Appointment of New Membership Secretary
2008 AGM and Reunion Dinner
Granting of the Freedom of the Borough of Stafford
Presentation of the First President's Award


Association Annual General Meeting and Reunion - June 2007
TSW Hand-over in Bosnia
Presentation of the President's Award 2009


A 50 strong contingent from your Association was present at the annual Act of Remembrance at the Cenotaph in Whitehall this year.

Members, drawn from the hat due to oversubscription, assembled in Horse Guards from 0830 on a crisp November morning.  The various contingents milled around the NAAFI wagon and Portaloos (auld age disnae come alone..) chatting and swapping news, enquiring about old friends, checking dress etc until time came to formate on President AVM Graham Howard, and process through to Whitehall to stand by to stand by…..

As the Ceremony ran its usual course, we stood fast, observed an impeccable silence, sang the National Anthem with gusto; and were flanked only once by the London Transport Contingent, stealing a march up the Bus Lane.  As the various columns set off to march past the Cenotaph, banter was evident, particularly as the Army Air Corps shambled past our impeccable Association formation. We struck out to the familiar bellow of Bob McBey, who managed to maintain all in step, save the officers, obviously.  Eyes Left at the Cenotaph and on round Parliament Square back to Horse Guards, where the Princess Royal was eagerly awaiting our arrival, her Naval salute never faltering as 10,000 veterans gave her an eyes right.  We wheeled back into Horse Guards original assembly point and fell-out about 1330hrs.  Nearly 5 hours after congregating.  Well done Ron Hindle, 90 next birthday.

Respects paid, wreaths laid, time for Tiffin…..and we descended on the Old Shades Pub, scene of the imagining of the TSW concept by Gp Capt John Craven-Griffiths, whose familiar pose graced the wall of the pub.  A hearty lunch and a few beers rounded off a special reunion—one of noble purpose, amongst kindred spirits.

I realise that everybody present made a special effort and that many more would have attended had space allowed (you will be first names on the list for next year) but in thanking you all for your presence that day, I must single out the new events bloke for a quite magnificent effort in pulling the strands together.  Wayne Shelton has shown what can be achieved with hard work, attention to detail and belief in what you are doing.  He permitted your Association to mark Remembrance Day in the Centenary year of both the Armistice and RAF, with style and humble pride.  A job well done Wayne. Thank you from us all.

There is a warming postscript to our Cenotaph pilgrimage.  None of our Servicing Commando Members was able to attend, but their wreath was laid, their name was spoken aloud and we have keepsakes for them which will be distributed in due course.  On Sunday evening, 11 Nov 18, I received an application for Membership of our Association from LAC John (Jo) Wright.  Jo, born in 1922, was a member of 3210 SC, served in Europe and the Far East and after his service, was in the vanguard of IT development as a business tool, whilst being also a National Champion shot. Welcome back Jo!

Best wishes to you all for a good Christmas and New Year and I look forward to seeing you soon.

Yours Aye

David Orr

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2018 Annual Reunion Dinner and AGM

The 2018 Reunion Dinner and AGM was held at Stafford on 29th and 30th June.  The events were very well attended, with 90 members and friends sitting down to dine in the Sergeants' Mess on the Friday evening.  A record of the AGM can be found here.

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A special event is in the planning to take place next year – the last military train ride from Manchester to Berlin.  In essence, it is an opportunity to travel by steam from Manchester to Berlin over a week, visiting sites in Germany that will be relevant to many who served in RAFG – a fascinating (and probably not to be repeated) staff ride across the BAOR/RAFG Cold War experience.

There is a growing profile for the RAF on the trip - it coincides with the 70th anniversary of the Berlin Airlift.  The organisers, Cold War Express, are in negotiation to expand the train – and Corridor Convoy – to encompass the history of RAFG, thus making it a Joint Services train about the British on land, in the air, and in the community.

Further information can be found in a flyer here or on the website at

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Employment Opportunity

Your Committee has been made aware of a job opportunity with a US-based Company, which would suit a retired fuels qualified Officer, SNCO or experienced JNCO, leading a 10 man team based in Green Village Kabul.  The job is operating a private fuel facility, delivering various fuel types across Afghanistan.  Remuneration package to be negotiated.
Expressions of interest to your Chairman, who will put you in touch with the potential employer via DE&S Abbeywood.

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Dave Linney

It is with great sadness that we report the death of Dave Linney who passed away on the 30th November 2017. 

Bob McBey writes:   Last Saturday Shirl and I accompanied by Jim Coleman attended the memorial service for Dave Linney.  Dave was my A team Sgt when I first joined the Wing.  He was a great character and father figure to us all, keeping us all out of trouble.  We did many tours together in Northern Ireland and exercises at home and abroad, and there are many stories which are best kept secret what we got up to.  I have fond memories of the many BBQs he used to invite the team round to his house for, getting us drunk on homemade wine.  On leaving the RAF Dave started up his own Painter and Decorators business in Towcester.  He was immensely popular with the local people and completed 4 tours as Mayor of the town and also carried out the duties of Church warden.  We had seen Dave and Lynne at last year's Association dinner and Dave was struggling a bit then.  He will be missed by us all and we will raise a glass or two to him at this year's get together.  RIP Dave.

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The Association Reunion Dinner and AGM 2018 - Warning Order

The RAFSC & TSW Association Reunion Dinner and AGM will be held at the end of June 2018.  The Dinner will take place on the evening of Friday 29th June and the AGM will be held the following day Saturday 30th June followed by lunch and the TSW Families Day.  As usual, there will be the opportunity to attend the traditional Hangar Bash on the Saturday evening.  We very much hope that you will be able to get to the weekend’s events.  Full details will be published in the annual Newsletter and Calling Note to members.

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Alan Robinson

Alan Robinson

It is with great sadness that we report the death of Alan Robinson, who passed away in Wythenshawe Hospital, on 13th January 2018.  Alan, who served with No 3207 SC was formerly Chairman of the RAF Servicing Commando Association and was a very active member of the RAFSC & TSW Association.   Indeed, Alan was the driving force behind establishing the Servicing Commando link to the RAF of today through TSW and the ‘new’ Association.   None will forget his enthusiasm for the Association, or his generous hospitality at the Tillington Hall Hotel and the Mess at Stafford coupled with the genuine interest he showed in sharing his stories and listening to other Association members.  Alan will be greatly missed by all who knew him and our thoughts go out to his family and friends.

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Aaron "Mork" Lovell

It is with great sadness that we report the tragic death of Mork Lovell a few days before Christmas. Mork was a great character on the Wing who served in the late eighties and most of the nineties. Our thoughts and condolences are with Mork's family and friends at this very sad time.

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