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1.   The Royal Air Force Servicing Commando Association (RAFSCdoA) affiliated itself to the Royal Air Force Tactical Supply Wing (TSW) in the late 1980s in view of the particular affinity of the operational tasks undertaken by TSW and its WWII predecessor.  This is even more relevant to-day.

2.  During 2006 the reality of time prompted the RAFSCdoA to invite TSW to join with them to form a joint Association.

3.   At the General Meeting of the RAFSCdoA Members held on 17th June 2006, a Constitution reflecting the proposed new arrangements was presented and formally adopted.  This Constitution is set out below.


4.   The name of the Association shall be “The RAF Servicing Commando and Tactical Supply Wing Association” which name shall appear on all documents issued by, for, or on behalf of the Association.


5.   In this document:

a.   The term “The RAF Servicing Commando and Tactical Supply Wing Association” will hereinafter be referred to as the Association.

b.   The expression “TSW” shall include members and former members of TSW, including non cadre members.


6.   The aims and objectives of the Association are:

a.   To promote the efficiency of the Royal Air Force by:

(1)   Maintaining contact between past and present members of the RAF Servicing Commandos and TSW, fostering mutual friendship between them and providing social gatherings for them.

(2)   Fostering esprit de corps, comradeship and the welfare of those serving with TSW.

(3)   Preserving the traditions of TSW and the RAF Servicing Commandos.

(4)   Fostering morale, comradeship and the welfare of all personnel who join the Association as Full, Associate or Honorary Members.

b.   Providing relief for members of the Association and their dependants either generally or individually, who are experiencing need, hardship or distress.


7. Full Membership.  Full Membership of the Association is open to:

a.    All former RAF Servicing Commando personnel.

b.   Current members of TSW and those current or past members of the Royal Air Force who have served with TSW, including those who served on a non cadre basis.

c.    Colleagues who have served in the Tactical Supply and Fuels organisations at RAF Wildenrath and at RAF Gutersloh. 

8.   Associate Membership. Associate membership may from time to time be offered to persons who would not normally qualify for membership providing the following conditions are fulfilled:

a.   Existing Associate Members of the RAFSCdo Association, including widows.

b.   An Associate Member must be proposed by a Full Member who may be required to present a written case in support of the proposal to the Council.

c.   A Full Member of the Association other than the proposer must second the proposal.

d.   All proposals for Associate Membership are to be presented to the Membership at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) for ratification.

9.   Honorary Membership. Members of the Association or other individuals, who, in the opinion of the Council, have given particular valued, prolonged or exceptional service to the Association, may be invited to become Honorary members of the Association.  Honorary Membership of the Association may incur a membership fee.

10.   Voting Rights.  Associate and Honorary Membership will be non-voting and no such member will be entitled to claim financial assistance from the Association.


11.   The Management of the Association is vested in the Council and Officers of the Association.  Details of the Council and Officers are at Annex A.  The Council and Officers of the Association comprise:

Note:  * Signifies Executive Committee member.

12.   The Chairman, Treasurer, Membership and Welfare Secretaries are to offer themselves for re-election every two years.  OC TSW will in addition appoint an ex-officio Council member for Service liaison purposes.  This will normally be the Operations Officer, TSW or Officer nominated by OC TSW.  Terms of Reference (TORs) for Council Members will be prepared and issued, as required, by the Chairman.

13.   The Association is to conduct its business through meetings of the following types:

a.   General Meetings.

b.   Council Meetings.

14.   General Meetings.  There are to be two types of Meetings:

a.   Annual General Meetings (AGM).  Where possible the AGM is to take place each year in conjunction with the TSW Families Day.  A notice is to be sent to all Members not less than 28 days before the date of the meeting.  The form of the agenda will be at the discretion of the Council, but is to provide the minutes of the previous AGM, and a report on the previous year’s activities from the Chairman, and Treasurer.  Provision is also to be made for the resignation of officers and election of new officers.  Members may petition the Council by post for matters to be included in the meeting.

b.   Extraordinary Meetings.  Extraordinary Meetings may be called by the Council or by petition from 20 members.  A notice of such a meeting, together with the agenda is to be sent to all members giving 28 days notice of the meeting.

15.   Council Meetings.  Council Meetings are to take place not less frequently than two times a year and are to be called by the Secretary giving not less than 28 days notice.  The agenda and conduct of the Meetings are at the discretion of the Council.

16.   Quorum.  A Quorum for a General Meeting is to comprise not less than 3 Council Members and not less than 20 Full Members.  A Quorum for a Council Meeting is to be 3.

17.   Voting.  In all voting, a simple majority is to suffice.

18.   Finances.  The Council is to cause to be prepared and is to lay before each AGM, a balance sheet and Treasurer’s Report, a copy of which is to be published not less than 28 days before the date of the AGM.


19.   In furtherance of its Aims and Objectives, the Association through its Council shall have the following powers:

a.   To take all necessary action for publicising and disseminating information concerning the history, deeds and traditions of the RAFSCdo and TSW and for the encouragement of recruiting to the RAF.

b.   To execute and administer charitable trusts.

c.   To receive, take and accept any gifts or property whether subject to any special trusts or not.

d.  To receive and accept contributions by way of subscriptions, donations or otherwise and to raise funds for the said Aims and Objectives provided that the Association shall not undertake any permanent trading activities in raising funds for the charitable objects hereof.

e.  Within the constraints imposed by the Association’s financial standing to assist distressed and needy past and present members of the RAFSCdo and TSW, members of the Association and their dependants.

f.  Within the constraints imposed by the Association’s financial standing to pay for such items, services or facilities by way of donations or subscriptions to charitable institutions or organizations which provide or which undertake in return to provide such items, services or facilities for distressed and needy, past and present members of the RAFSCdo and TSW, members of the Association and their dependants.

g.  Subject to such constraints as may from time to time be required by law to purchase, take, lease or exchange property required for the purposes of the Association and lease, exchange or otherwise dispose of the same.

h.  Subject to such constraints as may from time to time be required by law to borrow or raise money for the purpose of the Association on such terms and such security as may be thought fit.

i.  To invest funds and property of the Association for use for the purposes of the Association in such investments as may from time to time be authorised by law.


20.   The Council is to cause proper books of account to be kept with respect to the following:

a.   All sums of money received and expended by the Council and the matters in respect of which receipt and expenditure takes place.

b.   All sales and purchases of goods by the Council.

c.   The assets and liabilities of the Council.

21.   Subscriptions are to be levied annually or as deemed fit in such amounts as the Council may decide, as ratified by the Members at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Sums thus raised will be held in a fund to be known as the General Fund.  Donations may be accepted for specific projects, specific funds or the General Fund.  Trading items may be purchased and resold for profit, such trading items being authorised and controlled by the Council and such trading profit will become part of the General Fund.

22.   The financial year of the Association is to be from 1 January to 31 December of each calendar year.


23.   In pursuance of the Association’s Aims and Objectives the Association shall engage in the following activities:

a.   Provide financial support as appropriate to the annual TSW Families Day or such social activities that the Council deems fit.

b.   Hold an AGM. Where possible the AGM is to be held in conjunction with the TSW Families Day thereby affording members of the Association the opportunity of visiting TSW.

c.   Trade such items as ties, badges and memorabilia which may be purchased and resold for profit.


24.   This Constitution may be amended at any time by a resolution passed by a simple majority of the Association present at a meeting which has published an Agenda in advance for that purpose and notice has been served upon every Member of the Association at his last known address.

25.   If the Council is of the opinion that reduction of Membership or any other reasons make it impracticable for the Association to remain in being, a motion to this effect is to be communicated to all Association Members and, if no objections to the contrary are received the association is to be wound up three months thereafter.

26.   If objections are received which cannot be resolved, the motion is to be submitted to an Extraordinary General Meeting convened for that purpose.

27.   On winding up the Association, the balance of the Association funds, after payment of all outstanding accounts, is to be transferred to Charities which benefit the welfare of servicemen and women both past and present.




Air Vice Marshal Graham Howard CB MA FCILT


Group Captain Neil Cromarty


Squadron Leader Johnny Andrews


Squadron Leader Libby MacKinnon


Mr Cliff Whiteley


Mr Geordie Lumsden


Mr Wayne Shelton


Mr Chris Ryan
Ms Sarah Bosworth

Ex-Officio TSW Liaison Officert

Mr Gavin Sandell

Ex-Officio Historical Focal Point

Squadron Leader Peter Berry MBE


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